Looking for Tablet for Business Usage, Windows-based Business


Limp Gawd
Dec 19, 2013
So, it looks like I'm going to become some sort of a traveling salesman, great.

Anyway, I am looking for a tablet I can use for the following:
3G service - to avoid the $1000/day wifi charges the tradeshow mafia thinks they're entitled to...
Use to remotely gather leads at trade shows
Keyboard potential - I think this is fairly standard now?
And, most important usage....watching movies while on plane

We are a windows-based company, not quite sure how much that matters anymore.. But, I run Stone Edge Order Manager, and ideally might enjoy some onboard CRM software of some sort. Would also be nice to run Stone Edge, but I don't know if that is possible....?

The budget I was given is non-existent, which I think it something like $400. However, when considering the intended usage (3G to alleviate wifi charges @ shows, etc) of this device, I think it is well worth $800+ of an investment.

So, am I right in my selecting the Surface...? I'd appreciate any insight you have! Oh, and timing is sort of an issue, as I'll need it Tuesday/Wednesday next week.
So you're looking at a Surface 2 RT? Or a Surface Pro3?
The RT Surfaces don't run regular windows software and have the weakest of the tablet marketplaces (ios, android, win RT) in my experience.
The Surface Pro 3 is wonderful, with a couple caveats.
There's no cellular enabled Surface Pro 3 model, so you'd have to use a wifi cell hotspot or usb cell modem.
The pixel density is quite high, so text in legacy applications is often quite small, hopefully your company has a good vision plan.
Hahaha! Thanks for the input Kueller.. Sounds like the Surface Pro 3 might be the choice, but it doesn't even sound that good from what you mentioned.

I have an Iphone, so the wifi thing is possible, $20/mo. But, that makes sense, because that would be cheaper than monthly service on the tablet, which i wouldn't need. So, technically now.. we can take the Surface Pro 3 out of the front runner position.. And start looking at non-3g enabled, and simply wifi, right?

Is there an overall winner in this sector? To be honest, I'd like to run Stone Edge on there and all, but now that I think about it... I could probably just RDP to my desktop, and handle it through there..right?

Thanks for the insight Kueller, great input, that I would have even been able to find on my own search.
I feel like you glossed over this statement:
The Surface Pro 3 IS WONDERFUL.
Screen is gorgeous, high res, great colors, bright enough for anything but direct sunlight. Great size for anyone that also works with papers, it fits right in a legal pad case. Pen is precise, kickstand can sit at any angle you need, keyboard is a little small, but you get used to it.
Busted, I'll accept my "F" on reading comprehension, and hang my head in shame. So, maybe the Surface Pro 3 after all, and deal with the wifi situation via my cell.

As for vision plans, I don't even have one, it's my own company... ;c)