Looking for suggestions on my HTPC build


Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 9, 2005
I built a new HTPC to replace my old 775 system that I did have. I am looking to do more than just stream movies from my main box and replace the PS3. I still use it for Netflix, Hulu, and also stream movies from my media server. I have a nice HT setup with an Onkyo receiver, 5.1 surround, and everything is ran in HDMI. Also have a Harmony One remote with the PS3 adapter which made using the PS3 really nice.

So I am looking for suggestions on what to use for the interface, I read a lot about XMBC, tried it before and did not really like it that much. As of now, I am using a bluetooth keyboard and Windows for everything. Also looking for a decent remote I can use.

What I had: Q9550s, Asus P5E-VM DO, 4GB RAM 750GB of storage
Now: Core i5 2400s, EVGA Z77 stinger, 8GB RAM. 2TB of storage.

I got the i5 for $60 which is what made me upgrade. I had the RAM left over from my 1st gen i7 build so all I had to buy was a motherboard that supports 1155 and I bought an ITX case for the hell of it. And yes, somehow I ended up with 'S' versions of both CPUs for cheap.

Running a GT430 video card from my old HTPC. I plan on upgrading that also but am looking at different video cards. Any suggestions would be cool, I do not want another shitty card. I took my BluRay drive and Corsair GS600 out of the old HTPC and installed it in the new one.