Looking for recommendations on replacement 120MM fans for TT Armor - Case cooling ?'s


Limp Gawd
Feb 2, 2005
I am finding I am not getting enough airflow through my Thermaltake Armor case and was looking at getting some replacement fans. Just wondering what you guys would recommend for a high CFM / reasonable volume level fan. One of the local shops here in town has the Thermaltake A2018 Thunderblades - are these any good? Any other recommendations? I know back in the day the old Panaflo 120's seem to kick a lot of butt - does this still hold true?

Thanks in advance for any advice, I would really like to get my case cooling sorted out. I'm not sure what is going on cooling wise, but if I take off the side of my case, my temps drop about 5C. If I leave the side of my case off, and lay my machine on its side, temps drop about an additional 5C. Currently, I have the stock 120MM in the front, a 120MM in the rear, a 90MM in the top, and a 90MM adjacent to my powersupply. For my CPU cooling, I have a TuniqTower120 exhausting directly out the rear 120MM. Doing a rudimentary wind tunnel test (aka hoolding an incense stick up to the front of my case :) ) its seems like I have a dead spot right before my Tuniq Tower where the smoke just sits. And yes, I do have all my fans orientated the right way. :p When installing things, my brother took a lot of time to properly manage the cables so none of them should be impeding my airflow. Any suggestions on where to look to improve my cooling?