Looking for recommendations on a TV or Monitor with speakers around 32", THIN


Limp Gawd
Mar 26, 2020
Hey gang, hopefully you can help me out. I'm looking for a vesa TV/monitor with speakers for wall mounting, the side is exposed so I don't want a 3"+ thick solution here, 1" would be ideal. 30-37" being the ideal size, but I could go a little larger.

I've looked all over at TVs and basically it's a $500 Samsung The Frame 32", or a monitor unless any of you know of something else...

TCL 32S327, Samsung N5300, M4500 look too thick too. The Samsung UN32B6000 looked fine but is too old to get, and has huge bezels which I could live with if it was obtainable.

There's a few monitors that could work, the Sceptre VX3276-MHD, ViewSonic VX3276-MHD to name a couple that are close to the specs without a bunch of $. Using a monitor would be less ideal but I can work around the limitations.


Nov 24, 2022
1" would be ideal. 30-37" being the ideal size, but I could go a little larger.
this describes alot of the 1,735,921.68 of the TV's & monitors out there.....:D

Stating your usage scenario & budget would help narrow down your best choices, however, I can tell you this:

A) Finding a reasonably-priced TV with quality speakers (that are powerful enough to matter) nowadays is virtually impossible, as anyone who cares anything about sound quality will use a sound bar or dedicated speakers with an A/V amp or receiver. But generally, the bigger the screen, the moar chances it will have somewhat better built-in speakers...

B) Finding a reasonably-priced MONITOR with quality speakers is also virtually impossible, although there are some professional-grade models that do have them, but certainly not at the average-joe/consumer-friendly price points