Looking for recommendations for a lower-end ATX case for an AM4 build


Limp Gawd
Jul 29, 2005
I am in the process of building an AM4 system for a buddy of mine and just discovered that his current case will not support a full-sized ATX MB, so now I am case shopping. I've checked out Amazon and was surprised to find a few (apparently) nice lower-end cases for sale in the $50 range. They include offerings from Zalman, Coolermaster, and Rosewill. Looking for any recommendations/lessons learned on lower-end cases that far exceeded your expectations for what you paid for.

Thank you ...


Mar 17, 2011
I haven't used one but looking at cases in your budget range which is sort of tough these days when you have to consider shipping costs for a relatively bulky item $50 must be a hard price point to hit currently... anyway I digress, If it was me and I needed a case in this range the best looking option I saw is the Zalman R2, I think it is by far (subjective) the best looking case in this price range.

Honestly I doubt many people here are using these lower end cases very much, unless building for friend / family with lower budgets as in your case..

Anyways The Zalman looks pretty decent but you can see it is a low end case in some ways, the super annoying expansion slot covers you have to punch out for example.. but that is to be expected in the price range?


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Aug 9, 2001
I'm currently using a Fractal Design Focus G. It's not a high quality case by any means but you're not going to get a high quality case in the price range you're looking for. That said, it's definitely a decent case for the price and I have no trouble recommending it as long as the build you're doing fits with the features and limitations it has.