Looking for Overclocking BIOS for MSI 3080 Sea Hawk...


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Sep 7, 2011
Hey guys. Recently bit the bullet and bought an MSI 3080 Sea Hawk, and was surprised to find Afterburner only allows a power limit of 100%. I was hoping to find an overclocker BIOS that unlocks the power limit, as everything else I like about this card. If not, I may have to perform a Shunt Mod... and I don't want to do that!


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Mar 1, 2014
Have you tried going typing it in manually in afterburner vs using the slider?


Oct 15, 2003
Are you even hitting the power limit on the card? Use the monitoring function of msi after burner to check.... If you are not hitting the power limit of the card while gaming/benchmarking lifting the power limit on the card through software or shunt modding will not increase clocks by 1 mhz.

The reason that you are likely limited to stock power limit on that card is the fact that it only has 2 8pin PCIE connectors. That and the power components on the board were built around the reference design. Unless you can find a modified bios or are willing to do a shunt mod on the card you are probably out of luck.

Shunt mods are not hard at all but the gains are minimal. Typically raising the power limit does not help unless you have better cooling. When I shunt modded my 2080 ti to remove the power limit the gains stopped on water cooling after +66% increase on the power limit after that I was dumping nothing but added heat into my loop with no gains to clocks. With the power limit set to 393 watts on the card I might have seen a gain of 10-20mhz on the core but what I did find out was that I could push the memory higher at the same time.

The only way to gain from the shunt mod is if you do a vcore mod to send more power to the gpu, or vmem to send more voltage to the memory.

The best way to gain more mhz with your setup is to get the card to run cooler and modify the vf curve of the card. A fine tuned vf curve will net more with colder temperatures than a higher power limit.
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