Looking for new "good" "cheaper" TV --- the TCL/Hinsense edition...


Jan 4, 2005
First little backstory... right now in the house we have 4 TVs.. 3 TCL and 1 Hisense..

Living room - TCL 65R625 - 4ish year old - 65incher - ~1000nits - Roku
Bedroom - Hisense 50H8F - 4ish year old - 50 incher - ~700nits - Android (not google TV)
Basement - TCL 43S515 - 5ish year old - 43incher - ~400nits - Roku
Kids room - TCL 50S555 - 3 months old - 50 incher - ~500nits - Roku

The Roku TVs for now are still getting updates..
The Android TV, Hisense dropped support about a year after the TV was released

Last time we had a TV from any major brands (Sony, LG, Samsung) was probably good 7 years ago, it was LG.

Recently, we been having issues with TVs.
in the kids room a Hisense 43 inch TV that was 14 months old, completely died, no power nothing, so that got replaced with TCL

The Hisense in the bedroom, WIFI hasn't work for last 3 years or so, have ethernet plugged in
Now for the last year or so, sometimes the backlight will be off on part of the screen, turning the TV off and on again few times, will fix that problem for a week or so.

Now for the last 3 months the TCL in the living room has started acting up... from time to time there are purple/pink lines/distortion on the bottom section of the TV that flash for few milliseconds and diseaper, these lines can show up every few minutes or sometimes its fine for 30-40 minutes (or longer) with no abnormalities.

That 3 TVs, that recently had issues.

Because of the recent living room TV issues, I been looking for new TV again...

I would need something that bright with 1000nits at minimum, as the living room can get bright...
QLED or Mini-LED preferably.
Samsung/LG/Sony are priced much higher..

I been looking at Hisense 65U7K

TCL 65Q750G

again TCL and Hisense as they are the cheapest...
All the newer "higher" end TV have Google TV now instead of Roku, anyone know how is their update suport? My last Hisense TV with Android TV, they cut off support after a year.

Any suggestions, had we just had bad luck with TCL and Hisense or are their TVs just crap
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if you need the brightness id go hisense, they always under-rate. i like mine.
I got my 58” Hisense from Walmart for $268. It’s a Roku TV, it’s not that old but it’s great.
I personally had a bad experience with Hisense. Motherboard of the TV died and they were unable to get a replacement. BB ended up refunding me so I got an LG C2.
right now, I thinking about U7K

and Sony X90L

Yes, I know at on paper Hisense is technologically better... but with One dead Hisense, and one that failling... plus from my experience Hisense abandons their TV with software updates about year after release...
I'm not sure if I can trust them again.
I think I'm going to avoid HiSense in the future too. I have the 65U8G and it's started exhibiting weird behavior, like any app that launches will force close immediately. Or even browsing the settings will return back to home. Turning on/off doesn't help, but unplugging it for a few minutes then plugging back in will make it go away for a few weeks but randomly happen again. A friend has the 55U6G and consistently had issues with the built in Android TV so I actually helped them set up a Chromecast with Google TV. And sometimes the TV doesn't detect the Chromecast unless it's unplugged/replugged which I couldn't replicate on another TV with the same Chromecast. Another friend had a somewhat decent midrange HiSense (can't recall exact model) that just completely died (of course right after the 1 year warranty expired). Lack of software updates is apparent on them. While the panels are good I think all these things make it worth re-considering.

I like rtings for in depth TV reviews. They have one on the X90L, but not the U7K. Here's a link to the X90L review. While I haven't owned a Sony TV I think they are more reputable in general. You could maybe poke around on that site to see what other TVs to consider.
I ended up buying TCL QM8...

It's arriving on Saturday and I have 60 day return window.
Hopefully made right choice.

Definitely done Hisense
had we just had bad luck with TCL and Hisense or are their TVs just crap
You answered your own question....

Or to put it another way:

"CHEAP is as CHEAP does" :D

My son works at Wallyworld, and he cringes every time he sees anyone loading up a TCL or HiSense TV....

But with full disclosure, we are a Sammy family....tv's, monitors, phones, fridges, freezers, dishwasher, microwave, etc...always good luck with them !
"CHEAP is as CHEAP does" :D per: dogDAbone
or put another way "One often gets what One pays for"

LG or Sony here for televisions and no problems.