Looking for Glossy AMVA+ Monitor and some opinions


Nov 23, 2013
I've read online that there are several AMVA+ Panels, like the Iiyama ProLite XB2483HSU, that can reach 120hz and have a very decent image quality compared to an IPS, and a greater contrast. I am looking for something like that but with a Glossy screen and possibly Nvidia 3d vision compatible.

How would an AMVA+ Panel like the Prolite's compare to another gaming monitor like the Asus VG248QE in terms of smoothness and responsiveness in gaming while in 120hz mode as opposed to Asus's 144hz mode?

What do you think of the upcoming Gsync mode? Would that render the need for 120hz monitors redundant or should I wait for a 120hz Gsync monitor? I really dislike the idea of buying a TN panel after having owned a glossy 60hz IPS (amazing picture quality however not extremely smooth and responsive for gaming), do you think an AMVA+ Panel would satisfy my requirement in terms of color accuracy, contrast?