looking for another new laptop...


Limp Gawd
Mar 11, 2003
ok that other one's for me... this one's for my cousin. budget: 1500... wants: the best for 1500. i'm thinking the ibm r40 or the dell 600m... just want your input... preferably with centrino and a decent vid card...

thanks again...
- john
Given those requirements and that budget, I recommend the Gateway M505X. It is made for Gateway by Wistron who also makes the X- and R-series ThinkPads for IBM. It is a well built Centrino laptop with ATI 9600 graphics. Office Depot is having an introductory special on them this week -- a $200 mail in rebate that brings the price down to $1399. Here is the Gateway M505X special at Office Depot. Here are reviews and comments on the Gateway M505.