Looking for an attachable keyboard tray that will mount underneath a desk 14" deep

Sep 15, 2011
I bought a desk that has the following dimensions:
Open size: L 48” x W 23.5” x H 30”

It also has a 1/2" wide support arm that run underneath the desk about 1" from the edges, and about 14" of the underside of the desk is able to have a mounting tray attached.

I contacted 3M and none of their keyboard mounting trays would work, since they require at least 17".

This desk is quite handy since it comes apart and the bottom folds up, but I'd like to get my keyboard and mouse off the desk to free up space and put a few more inches between me and my monitors. And I'd love to have a height adjustable keyboard tray so I can stand and work if I want.

Any advice would be elcome, thanks.



Oswego, not shitty as Buffalo
Feb 7, 2008
The only thing I could think of involves mounting another piece of wood for the tray to attach to, but that would ruin the folding part of your picnic table desk. Since you're looking into $100+ 3M keyboard trays why don't you just save a little and get a height adjustable desk. You could mount a tray to those much easier as well (that part is a guess).

Check out this bit of sleekness.