looking for a new laptop thread...


Limp Gawd
Mar 11, 2003
ok so i'm looking for a laptop for myself, just have a couple requirements... well, maybe not a couple. the requirements are:

centrino package
9600 video
14" chassis

the closest i've gotten to this is the dell i8600, but i dunno if it would fit my tastes. i've gotten so used to the size of the 600m and i love it. umm, so yeah, anything out there that's like this?

oh, and price... well, let's see how it's like without a price restriction...

- john
I've been wondering about that w/ the Mobility FireGL T2. Does it run games as well as a 9600? I'm also curious about the FX 700 Go... similar to an FX5600?
It seems like the only 5lb or so laptops I've come across w/ high end vid cards are equipped w/ the workstation versions.
supposively its optimized for like autocad and what not but I dont think you will see that big of a difference between the fire gl and an actual 9600 in gaming.