Looking for a new desk


Limp Gawd
Jul 13, 2012
This seemed to be the most appropriate subforum for this...

Id like to get a new desk. On which, I have my corsair 800D and (2) 24" monitors.

Obviously will need a lot of surface space, dont have room for an L shape but given a really awesome desk, could rearrange

Would like one drawer for supplies and stuff

Modern look, maybe not wood? (probably not glass unless you have a really solid argument for one)


Do you guys know of any good companies that make them or have pics of what you use you could maybe post and where you got them?

Thanks for the help fellas
Dec 1, 2011
Ikea's Galant was pretty much the go-to for quality, reasonably-priced desks. Unfortunately, they (mostly) discontinued the line. You may also be able to find some used on Craigslist.

Bekant is the replacement. It's good (I have one), but not quite as good as Galant (have one of these as well). There's various sizes, arrangements, and colors available. No drawers, but Ikea (and your local office supply store) has stand-alone rolling drawer units also.

For tops, wood and glass are pretty much the only options outside of more expensive esoteric options.