Looking for a new 4TB NVME for my game drive and a 2.5in 4TB SATA for bulk storage in my laptop.

The Mad Atheist

Mar 9, 2018
I have a MSI GL65 Leopard that now supports 2 PCIe 3 NVMEs.

Looking at this one for my dedicated game drive and figure it'll be find once I dump the 2TB of games of it. Future games will be dumped to it via the interwebs. The PCIe 4 drive should be fine if I decide to transfer to new laptop.

And maybe this for my bulk drive to store media and games that don't need high speeds to run.
or this

or one of needs 2 in need be.

Anyone see any issues when my selections, thx, d.

Edit: current game drive is a 2TB version of this that will be transferred to be my OS drive.
Starting with the SATA drives, the TeamGroup QX 4TB would be fine. It's QLC but still has 1000TBW (the same as the MX500 despite being TLC). A better TLC drive (and also a good bit more expensive) would be the Samsung 870 Evo 4TB.

A really good deal out there is the TeamGroup MP34 4TB at $161.99 (on both Newegg and Amazon) for a 2400TBW TLC NVME drive. It's only PCIe 3.0 (3500/2900 MB/s) but unless you have a specific use case for needing a gen 4 drive I would just get that as it will continue to work fine in a PCIe 4.0 system. The M461 you linked is "gimped" at only 5000/4200 MB/s and 900TBW when you can get drives that are closer to 7500 MB/s for PCIe 4.0 NVMEs. I'd look into the Inland Performance Plus, WD SN850X or TeamGroup MP44 if you plan on moving it over to a PCIe 4.0 system and wanted something faster and more durable.
If your plan is to eventually use your drives in a Gen 4-capable machine at some point in the future, GET THEM NOW, as the prices are at or near rock bottom right now, but will be going up soon due to several market changes that are starting to happen atm...

The Inland's are, IMHO, bottom-barrel garbaggio with ever-changing components, so you can never be 100% certain what you are getting...

Between my 6 personal rigs & the 9 client rigs that I have built lately, I have used (or upgraded them to) 1, 2 & 4TB WD850X's exclusively, neveranottaproblemo, and am actively stockpiling more for the next group I will build over the next 3-8 months

If you can, I would avoid buying any 2.5" SSD's at this point, but even IF I was in the market for one, I would still go with a WD model, or one of the Crucial or Sammy that you linked to
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Looks like Newegg is selling on Walmart so I don't have to change my address since that can't handle General Delivery addresses. Then again I might have to change the addresses so I build more sales with them and hopefully show them to accept GD addresses.

I'm tempted to get a 8TB 2.5 for 400 since the PPGB is 40 less than 2 4TBers

IDK if I I'm worried about TPW, my game drive will just store the games once they're downloaded from the web. Shame 8TB nvme drive haven't reached the sweet spot fot GB per dollar like 2.5" drives.