Looking for a lower cost 'Client Bridge' Wireless Router


Supreme [H]ardness
Oct 31, 2004
Want to connect an xbox to my wireless network using a client bridge configuration on dd-wrt flashed router (old style xbox). I have other devices I would like to network like a internet enabled blu-ray. But I want to get the xbox going first.

I'm looking for something capable of at least 150 'n' transmission rates that I can flash most like dd-wrt (Although I will look at other firmware) and run in client bridge mode?

I have a 'g' router flashed in the configuration to help re-locate a phone for a VoIP phone line. So my NETGEAR WNDR3700 router seems friendly to it. I need to replace it as I'm afraid the 'g' connection is pulling down my 'n'-mode on my lower band. So I'm really looking for two. So far this its been far more reliable than the Phone to ethernet adapter I need for the phone.

I don't want to pay a whole lot of money, but I'll pay up to another $20 more per unit if it gets me better reliability.

Thanks in advance.


Limp Gawd
Dec 2, 2005
Are you opposed to something like a powerline network adapter? They are much more reliable, better latency, and obviously less susceptible to interference.

I switched from bridged wireless to these about a year ago, I will never go back. No configuration (well, you don't have too) and away you go!