Looking for a high power efficiency POE Switch. Do they exist?


Jan 10, 2007
I'm looking for a high power efficiency PoE switch, which is something the switch manufacturers don't seem to emphasize in their marketing. I'm thinking something along the lines of a 90+ Titanium Power supply efficiency - ~95% efficient at 50% load. I'd be looking at something around a 12 port switch with 8w / port.

The reason I'm looking for something high power efficiency is that I'm running distributed computing on a stack of raspberry pis. See below for the thread on the topic:

Generally speaking, the cell phone power supplies suck when it comes to power efficiency and are anywhere from 65% to 80% efficient. Raspberry Pis have the possibility to be the most efficient way to run these projects on a per watt basis, but realistically its going to require higher efficiency power supplies than what you can buy from cell phone chargers. I'm thinking a PoE switch may be the way to go, if someone makes a high efficiency one, AND it isn't so expensive that I might as well go buy another 5950 and put it in eco mode.

Thoughts and suggestions?