Looking for a good keyboard and mouse


Aug 8, 2005
I'm sure this is a very different question than is usually posted in this forum, but I thought it would be the best place to ask:

I am looking for a good keyboard and mouse setup to use at work so therefore I have no use for multimedia buttons or gaming buttons, but I would like something that is more that just the basic dell keyboard and mouse I am currently using. I am a software engineer so any extra buttons that might be useful for that (cut/copy/paste.....) are what I am looking for. I was using the Microsoft Office Keyboard for awhile, and liked it.

What do the rest of you use at work? Am I the only person looking for something more than a basic keyboard but does not need gaming/media buttons? Any insights/suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 27, 2000
I use one of those old Dell keyboards, the big heavy one with the clicky mechanical keys. i bought five of them at a surplus sale for $2/ea. five years ago. They were probably over ten years old when i bought them and they still work as good as new even today. I love the feel and responsiveness of the keys, anything else just feels too mushy and wobbly to me, also the weight makes for a solid keyboard that doesn't slide around on my desk.

as for mice, I use a MS trackball Explorer. I just prefer trackballs to mice.