Looking for a bit of [H]elp


Dec 22, 2002
Hey guys, just got this system put together like 2 weeks ago, I've been busy with work, so I've barely had a bit of time to benchmark it, much less do any overclocking/tweaking.

Specs in sig, I am concerned that something is just not right in my system ...I ran 3DMark06 (I get that real world gaming is where it's at, but I think there's some value in comparing your score to other similar systems...) in SLI mode and get 12,200, without SLI, I get 10,500. I've been poking around these forums and other places, and I'm getting the impression that I should be getting more around 16,000. I wouldn't be complaining over a few points, but we're talking a very substantial difference there.

I'm running Vista 64, 169.09, stock clocks, nothing out of the ordinary I can think of, any ideas :confused: BTW, if 12K is fine for my system, let me know so I can stop stressing about something borked in my PC.


Oct 30, 2007
No, that score sounds about right. It's the CPU score that bumps those 3dMark 06 scores up.

You're used to seeing those 14, 15, 16,000 scores with overclocked quad-core extremes.

The HD 2900 XT ( and the new HD 3870) have 06 scores over 12,000 and they get spanked in real world gaming by the 8800 series.

That benchmark is a crock anymore.

I got it worse than you. I get 10,500 just like you with a single 8800 GT, but 11,500 with SLi. I have an e6300 oc'ed to 2.6 GHz.

Go to nvidia's SLi forums, you'll see the same complaints about 8800 GT SLi.

My SLi works just fine, despite that benchmark. I'm seeing big percentage framerate gains across all my games with SLi.