long shot question about an ILM backplate (1366)

tsubasa hanekawa

Limp Gawd
Jan 25, 2015
as per my sig (intel S5520SC) im on a dual xeon LGA1366 board, the standard xeon backplate is somewhat annoying as it means if i want to mount any kind of cooler other than a small 1U/2U one it means i have to improvise, the only way to get the backplate off is by removing the socket retention clamp part as the xeon backplate screws into that, so, short of cutting down the plate, what's my best bet for finding a 'normal/ 1366 ILM backplate that leaves the cooler mounting holes exposed entirely not threaded (similar to 2011 i suppose) so, my long shot question is, does anyone know where id be able to get hold of a pair of these 'normal' ILM backplates? many thanks in advanced.