Logitech G15 Dented Box - $40 FS

I bit. That's one heck of a deal and the page states that it's fully warrantied! Box will most likely be tossed anyways so NBD.
that's a new one Sparkle... where is that said often? I use all the chat lingo I thought, GTFO BTW KTHX from warcraft.

any way, I have heard the boxes are always dented and they get them returned from retail stores. The products are always fine inside the box though.
I got one of these last time when they were like $44. Anyway, box was perfect. There wasn't a scratch or a dent on it.
I couldn't resist this deal! $39 with free shipping! It was a no brainer! Thanks OP for posting this.
Same for me last two times, perfect boxes. They have to call them this to clear stock and can't undersell retailers by listing as new.
Thanks OP, just finished building my first desktop since college and this will be a great addition to it.
Hmm sucks I have to wait till friday. I need to replace my Saitek II it's starting to not respond as well to some key presses and also getting alittle cruddy and I don't feel like taking it apart again :-/
Another deal in which us Canadian [H] cannot partake in unless we ship to the border for pickup =\ awesome deal for a solid keyboard though!
Sorry for you Canadians but hey at least you guys have Linus from LinusTechTips to claim as your own! I love that guy!
i told myself i would never buy another G series again but for this price I bit.
I have never ordered anything from Logitech before and was wondering how quick they are with shipping? I ordered last night and my order is just showing "Order In Process". Do they send tracking info when the item is shipped?
OMG they are still available today! I think I'm going to bite on this since I just got my Christmas bonus today! :-D
Thanks. Still working and I was able to select second day shipping for free. Next day was the only one that wanted to charge me.
Not sure if it was mentioned before, but 2-day shipping is free as well. (At least when I ship to FL).
Not sure if it was mentioned before, but 2-day shipping is free as well. (At least when I ship to FL).

Yeah I noticed that when I tested it for Ohio this morning.. Hopefully this deal is good still in the morning when I get paid.
Giggity. Just got one for the wife. She's been lusting after mine for a couple months now. It's all about the macro keys.
yea coupon still works. 39 free ship, very tempting typing on a g15 v1 now and have 1 spare g15 v1 and a g13 spare, still might buy it haha