Live Action Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Teased

Sounds like the world, or at least Hollywood, is ready for another full length Howard the Duck movie.
years ago a company did a 15 minute or so short fan film that was live action / cgi. Jaleel White reprised the voice Sonic. While a tad cheesy it wasn't to terrible. I am not sure about the choice here for robotnic, however I think there is a small chance that this could be pulled off as a movie assuming they have a half decent story.

Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and Lion King say "hi".

you forgot Dumbo
If this follows the SatAM feel (darker tone) this could be great.

If it's off all other version of sonic cartoons it'll suck

SatAM Sonic:

You know they're gonna go with the extreme underground version!

He looks like a creature from my nightmares. The fact that they’re going to completely change his eyes is just wrong. And he doesn’t seem to have gloves either. I’m terrified to see the final appearance. The premise also sounds awful.
Just to clarify is that live action or computer generated? Or both, like live action humans but a CG sonic? Like Pikachu Detective.
My first console ever was a Sega Genesis, and it came with Sonic spinball.

Great game.

Since then and throughout the Sega lifetime, Sonic series was one of the greats on there.

I'm interested in this if it's halfway decent.
I'm surprised that Jim Carrey can tear himself away from making his anti-Trump finger paintings long enough to be in this. There's gonna be some drama on that set. Mark my words.
I've been hearing about this project for a year or two now. Carey has had some pretty rough times with depression for much of the last ten years. Can only imagine how it's going to affect him when this thing flops. I also wonder why his agent event got him tied to it. It really makes no sense why this movie is being made. The game into movie success rate is like 1 in 20 or something similar.
Holy fuck. WTH is that shit!?
Yeah I was better off not knowing that existed. I want my minute back, and the bloodlines of all those involved with that razed to the ground.

Every day we stray further from God.