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    Jump to the tl;dr below if you want. Let me preface this by saying I don't think this request is illegal because for this book series there is no audio version. At all. If there was I would buy it, if you think you can find it then please do. But since there isn't I'm doing the next best thing and buying the entire ebook series (that are translated to English) and trying to figure out way to convert it to my personal preference for enjoying books. Listening to them while I work. When I was young I started a book series that I thoroughly enjoyed, but since it's an older series and I guess it was originally translated from German I guess it was hard to get a hold of. I only found up to around book 15 in the libraries, in some cases I even had to go down to the vault where they rotate out old books. So I only made it to 15 out of 53 books. That's right, 53 (well they aren't very thick). Here is the series, I highly recommend it if you haven't read it:


    I found out recently that I can get up to book 44 in English, but only in ebook format:


    As much as I love reading, I prefer to listen to my books since I tend to speed read and listening allows me to enjoy it more. SO...


    How can I go about converting these .LIT ebooks to a hopefully passable audiobook experience?. Which programs are best for this, what text to speech has the most accurate/human voice, etc? I don't mind paying for it if it's worth it of course. And to reiterate, since there is no audio version to purchase I feel it's not illegal to ask this. If you feel it is, feel free to make a new thread about it and get on your soapbox there.
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    Due to the sensitivity of this post, my reply is in a PM to you.

    If any others wants to know how, just send a PM to me.