List your favorite (self-built) liquid cooled masterpiece

Jul 18, 2020
Has to be something you built with your own two hands, preferably something unique, not just a random PC on the internet that you like. I know this is subjective, but I'm still very interested to see what you guys will bring to the table.

Other than that, post some images of your best liquid cooled setup (pictures are mandatory) and we can vote on which one out of all submissions is the "most desirable" to forum members here.

It would be helpful to at least have your cooling specs listed in your submission. It is not a requirement, but I recommend it. For example:

Heatkiller IV all copper water block
two alphacool bay reservoirs 5.25 (approx 1.5 quarts total)
two freezemod 800L/H PWM pumps (after waterblock)
one barrow 450L/H PWM pump (before waterblock)
One 360mm rad
One 240mm rad (passive)
One 120mm rad
One 80mm deep alphacool monsta 120mm rad (essentially two 120mms in one)
Mostly noctua PWM fans running about 800 rpm (set static)
Pumps running about 3000rpm each
9600KF @ 5.2Ghz @ 1.373 volts 24/7
Temps are very good
Passive cooler enabled me to reach 5.8GHz during a particularly cold night (-5 to -10*F)


Note the baby chiller! Not gonna cut it lol
But the 60 plate liquid to liquid heat exchanger will make the cut...



passive liquid to liquid heat exchanger (60 plates) that sits immersed in approximately 5 gallons of methanol (for cold weather benching)
Normal days I just run the conventional loop.


One more for good measure:
One of the most beautiful I have seen, looks particularly powerful.
Yeah power to weight ratio on this machine is pretty good. Can OC to 5.8GHz + during cold weather benching.


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I don't know that I'd call it a masterpiece, but the color and amount of tubing in your picture reminded me of one of my first forays into building a custom loop: When I decided absolutely everything must be water-cooled, lol.

A few builds later and things were looking considerably cleaner, ha.