LG L246WP VS Gateway FHD2400

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Hey everyone. I actually recently made a monitor purchase, a large one at that. I got dual LG L246WP 24 inch LCD monitors. These are P-MVA panels and I got them for good reason. Although, as I was making the purchase, or time of consideration, the Gateway FHD2400 came into view as an option. This is a nice glossy TN 24 incher. Note, I had not seen either of these before purchase.

    I got these two 24s, and have since loved them. They work great and are what I wanted. I had not really thought about whether I had made the right purchase... until now. today, after work, I headed to Best Buy to look for a nice case for my new iPod. (Damn those cases are expensive) I stumbled over to the monitor section and the Gateway monitor instantly caught my eye. I saw it from a mile away and was thinking, "Wow, the 30 inch Gateway is niiice". As I got closer, I did notice this was the FHD2400 24 inch monitor instead. (Note that the Lg is not present at that Best Buy, so no really direct comparison was made.) Upon looking at it for a while I had deducted that it looks far superior to what I had bought. The colors are so vibrant. It is so bright and contrasted. It looks amazing. I also love the styling too. the brushed aluminum accent and the blue touch buttons. It is a nice monitor, for sure. Nicer than what I bought? :(

    I figured in the interest of those reading, I would make a nice comparison of the two in a pros and cons manner.


    LG L246WP:

    - P-MVA panel
    - *BIG* Amazing viewing angles
    - *BIG* No backlight bleed at all
    - I already own it and it is in my house
    - Was $450 when I got it

    - Not as vibrant
    - Not as much contrast
    - No cool touch buttons
    - Stand seems less easily adjusted
    - Styling is a bit weak
    - Lacks a bunch of inputs

    Gateway FHD2400:

    - *BIG* Very nice vibrant colors
    - *BIG* Amazing contrast that blew my mind
    - Really nice styling
    - *BIG* Tons of inputs, all of them you could want in fact
    - Really cool styling with brushed aluminum and very Apple-like base

    - *BIG* I've heard backlight bleed is bad, and gets worse
    - *BIG* Glossy display, shows reflections
    - *BIG* TN panel, bad vertical viewing



    So... this big issue at hand. Do I return the two LG monitors I have, or keep them. For me, I REALLY want the color and vibrance found on the Gateway. I agree with other quotes that the LG looks like their is a cloud in front of it in comparison. Even after driving home and all, turning on my computer, everything just looks so dull and washed out. Although, I fear the glossyness, and backlight bleed will bother me too much. I am not too worried about viewing angles, they looked fine in the store. Also, price is a bit of a factor. For two LGs with tax and shipping, it was $954. The cheapest I can find the Gateway right now is $1018 for two ($509 each with free shipping).

    So, does anyone have anything to say about this comparison. I am mostly wondering if I am worrying too much about the Gateway's backlight bleed and glossyness; are they really an issue? Hopefully some of you can help me out.

    Thanks guys.

    Sum-up statement. "Do I go for the brighter, nicer looking display and live with backlight bleed, glossy, and TN viewing angles, or do I stick with the less amazing-looking display with no real issues?"
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    If you use it just for gaming and web surfing then get the Gateway. The LG is more of an all-rounder LCD. It's good for most uses.

    Out of the box the LG doesn't look very good. You need to calibrate it. When properly calibrated it looks excellent. If you see cloudiness then you aren't using sRGB mode. The display will be less vibrant in sRGB mode but it be more accurate looking.