LG Issuing Full Refunds For Some Malfunctioning Nexus 5X Phones

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    Nexus 5X owners who are suffering from boot loop issues may be entitled to a full refund, as the phone is no longer being manufactured and replacement parts cannot be obtained. This is nice of LG, but what about the company’s other phones that have also been plagued with the same problem?

    …LG is issuing full refunds for owners that are suffering from a particular malfunction that causes a "boot loop" and an unusable phone. The problem seems to be availability of parts. Remember that Nexus devices are produced in relatively low volume (at least compared to a flagship device like the G5 or V20), so specific parts like the unique case, screen housing, or phone motherboard are produced in smaller batches too. Since the Pixel phones have been released, the Nexus 5X is no longer being sold by Google or (presumably) manufactured by LG. The service email to multiple customers says that the company simply doesn't have the parts available to fix this specific problem, which would indicate that said part isn't interchangeable with a more mainstream device.
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    Jul 29, 2016
    Fuck LG.

    -LG G4 Owner
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    this, my g5 is the worst pos i have ever used.
    i do love my oled tv though
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    I am so happy I didnt go with a LG g4 over my Nexus 6P. I have heard nothing but problems from LG.