LG Fusic & bluetooth file transfers


May 15, 2003
ok, so i have an LG Fusic and want to be able to transfer files via bluetooth, both to & from the phone to the PC. the phone shows up in my PC's bluetooth devices list as being connected, but i cannot transfer files from the phone to the PC.

i downloaded the Fusic manual, and it states that you can transfer files from the PC to the computer, but not the other way around, which is absolutely retarded. i'd rather not have to resort to digging out my USB cable anytime i want to transfer files from my phone to my PC, such as photos/videos i've taken on my phone, much less have to take the cable with me when i'm away from home....and/or lugging my multi card reader around with me to transfer directly off the microSD card (laptop doesn't have a card reader built in).

has anyone found a way around this?