LEPA Lucky Draw

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My computer to old to upgrade it so I like G1000-MB 1000W and LPC306B-B(2U3) to build new system.
I would definitely own the 1600W PSU. The efficiency rating and the power rating are superior to the PSU in my current rig. I have also been having PSU problems with my current system and would like that to go away.

I don't own any LEPA products yet, but my nephew would love that cooling pad for his laptop as he has had problems with it overheating; I'd love the PSU for a multi-GPU project of my own.
USA. The PSU for sure. Why? My current PSU was working hard back when the Pentium 4 was in its prime!
NA User here

I would own the LEPA G1600 because of my over-sized VMware test-lab. It went from a humble little test station into a giant monstrous totally unnecessary fun toy. With all the power available to it courtesy of the G1600, I am able to virtualize three desktops, and a fileserver for my family to enjoy while harnessing the efficiency of having it all encapsulated into one machine. The G1600 provides enough current to power the 3 video cards, 24x hard drives, and the 8 core AMD processor making sure the experience by everyone in my household is not held back by inadequate power. Alas, currently the machine is held back at its current state in my sig because I don't have necessary powersupply to meet those needs. :(
Definitely the 1600w psu. Looking to go all out with my next build, and i'm going to need MOA POWA!

Mostly a reader here, but why not try my (bad) luck on this lucky draw! I think the products that I'd want more is the PSU G1600-MA and the Notebook cooling pad S17. PSU because my poor aging PSU needs replacing, and that precious notebook cooling pad because my notebook is a freaking toaster. Not even joking, no matter how many times i clean it inside, it's hot as hell!
I would go for the LEPA S17 Notebook Cooling Pad because I hate having a hot laptop burning my legs after it has been on a while.
I am going t need about 10 of these, I have plans for world domination......
EU calling:

I would own the new LEPA P1700-MA-EU PSU since it has peak continuous power of 1800W which is highest in the market and Platinum efficiency! In fact I already decided that I will own it anyway since I need it for my ultimate rig with 8 core Haswell-E, Asus X99-e WS workstation mobo with 7 PCIe slots, and as many high-end GPUs as this PSU can feed with current (more than 4-Way SLI since this is not only for gaming).

I would like to win the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU because it is perfect for upgrade my computer.

I would love to win the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W so I could provide my 4 cards with some more juice!
I'd own the power supply... MOAR POWR so I could go 3 - way SLI or more!
N/A Here!

I'd love to have those fans, they'd work mighty fine on my heatsink and that way I can move the other stock one to the front of my case.

Either way its good to see LEPA and the [H] getting together and treating us forum users, thanks guys!
Believe me or not, but Lepa makes really great PSUs. Really great. I've seen the G1600 working hard in overclocking competitions for the guys from lab501.ro and they achieved awesome results. I'll choose in regards for this contest, the powerful G1600 ( I already imagine how slick I can sleeve those cables ) or any of the LV12 or BOL.QUIET fans for a peaceful and quiet project. AHAHAHHAH! No way. They are ment to work hard for my plans.
Thank you for this opportunity.
I would like to receive LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80PLUS Gold PSU, because it is a very good power supply for a system with multiple graphics cards

What LEPA product(s) would you own and why?
I would own their coolers and power supplies because they make great products.
Closed. Winners to be contacted by PM and Email on account.
All prizes have been claimed and are on the way to their new owners! Check you PM box for tracking.
There must be some kind of mistake.. I didn't get my email or pm :D
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