LDAP setup in Mac OS X (10.7.3) - LION


Limp Gawd
Nov 6, 2007
Hello everyone,

first of all, I am a Windows/Linux user. Really don't use Macs. We (our lab at school) recently purchased an iMac to use Omnigraffle and other mac-only software (and other reasons). We are running an LDAP server and I am trying to configure the Mac as a LDAP client. I was aware of the bug in 10.7.1 allowing other users to login with any network'd/LDAP user and 10.7.2 apparently fixed that issue but others were still having trouble. Now that 10.7.3 came out, I did not see anything about fixing LDAP.

What I am unsure is, am I configuring it correctly as I am receiving and error code of 2100 basically telling me it can't contact our server. So, my main question is, does anyone have a good link, or does anyone know the process to setup this machine. I have seen many talk about this sort of thing but with Active Directory (not LDAP).

Thanks for your help.


Supreme [H]ardness
Oct 29, 2004
This is really not the right place to ask this sort of question. You're better off asking on the forums at sites like MacWorld, MacRumors, etc.

Apple posters here on the [H] generally use Macs in the home or as a second computer.