Dec 4, 2012
Wondering what you all thought of one versus the other. I'm torn between the two right now. I plan on using the monitor for gaming mostly. I'm running Crossfired 6950 HDs, i7 3770, and a Sabertooth Z77 1155LGA. (If my specs help the decision at all)

Pros and cons of both.
LED monitors are LCD monitors; they just have a LED backlight instead of a CCFL backlight. LED backlights are cheaper than CCFL backlights. That's all there is to it.
There are two kinds of backlighting for LCD screens.

Edge-Lit: uses a light source at the edge of the screens and then a light diffuser of some kind to disperse the light behind the LCD. (CCFLs and LED)

Back-Lit (aka Full-array): uses an array of LEDs all over the back of the LCD. (Only LED)


As far as I know I have not seen any "Back-Lit" monitors only TVs.

Pros of LEDs is that they run signifcantly cooler especially on the larger monitors, supposed to have a greater life span, and use less power.

I don't know enough about the Cons of either to sway your decision to one or the other, however in my research a few years ago the general consensus was to find the monitor that had all the qualities you really cared about and mostly ignore the backlight as it just didn't make that big of a difference.

**Note if you have any eye problems you will want to research which one might affect you more.
my new asus e-ips I believe is led backlit and that may be causing the weird viewing angle issue I noticed.

I will try to describe it.

When at right height it looks normal.

If I move up eg. standing up slowly, then a dark distorted bar appears, starting at the bottom (so not entire screen is distorted off angle) and as I get higher this bar moves up, when I get high enough angle the distortion mostly goes away so it looks better at say 170 degrees than 120 degrees. I am curious if this caused by the LED vs the old type of backlighting.

Unlike TN tho this isnt too bad. I can move position in my chair go reasonably off angle and it looks fine. It just isnt as good as my older e-ips the dell 2209wa.

Also the monitor runs cool, feels no warmer than when its turned off and is noticebly lighter.
Thank you all very much for the input. After reading through the reviews and comments of A LOT of displays, and reading your input, I think I've found my monitor. It's a DELL S2440L 24" LED Widescreen. I think it fits the bill pretty well for what I'm using it for. Pricey it may be, I will get a duplicate in the near future for it.

Thank you all again for your comments and input.