LCD detected as non-PnP, not able to display native res

Jan 30, 2003
Hi all,

Not sure if this is a display or video issue, but taking a shot...

I have a 24" Westinghouse L2410NM LCD (1920*1200 native) hooked up via VGA to my Latitude E6400 (Quadro 160m graphics). I've this monitor for over a year, had it hooked up to this computer up until pre-Thanksgiving without an issue - displaying correctly.

Took my laptop home for a long weekend, came back, now the monitor is detected as non-PnP and will not display at its native res. I changed driver to PnP to no avail. Westinghouse does not make drivers for this mornitor, their website says to use the PnP. I updated my drivers with nVidia's latest and tried forcing the native resolution, but to no avail (forcing works with PnP driver, but is blurred even after auto-adjusting monitor - this monitor is known for having an EDID issue when hooked up via DVI/HDMI, the result is similar to that prior to the fix, but image quality has never been an issue when hooked up via VGA).

I am hooking up through a Dell dock, but have the same issue when VGA cable is connected directly to laptop.

Tried disconnecting, reconnecting, uninstalling, reinstalling, etc etc etc. Not helping. Running Windows 7 Pro (64bit).

Any suggestions?