Latest project- full scale 1:1 K2S0 from Star Wars

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    Dec 23, 2004
    Built using 98% my CR-10 (only mod, added dual Z and custom filament holder ) the remaining 2% my Makerbot 5th Gen. I only use Hictop filament in the CR-10 (so far I'm at about 10 1kg rolls of Black). He stands just over 7' tall and will be 7' when I finish his feet and cut his base down by 5".


    The working BB-8 (current head is a plastic dome run to lighten the head when rolling around. The fully printed head is sitting on self behind K2S0. That was printed on the Makerbot last year. The only 3D printed parts on the mouse droid are the frame, greebies and wheels, all printed on the CR-10

    Link to the STL is For the 1:1 scale, the head needs to be increased by 4250% and the rest of the body by 370% (craters mistake as this was his first 3D created to STL file he's done. His K2S0 was features on a while back.

    More pictures of this and other droid builds on my flickr account -