Latest GPU Market Sales Indicate that NVIDIA Indeed Halted RTX 30 Series Production

Samsung has been having yield problems, could be just lack of supply and they don't want to throw Samsung under the bus.
Makes sense to me to halt production if you don't have enough inventory of parts to make a respectable amount
They must of slowed down at least by now. It has been week since my MC had gotten and RTX cards in. They did get a bunch of 2060 in two weeks ago.
My 3070 has a gpu-z date of May 2021 and I just got it from Zotac store and stock does not lay around long, the interesting part was gpu-z had no info about that card in there data bank and it has Samsung memory and it's Nov .
Maybe they are using those wafers to make parts for the pro/supercomputing market? The profit margin is even higher there.
I was the thinking perhaps this halt was because nVidia has predicted a fallout in crypto prices some time in the near future, and they didn't want a deluge of used 3000 cards competing with new stock. However, since they can't produce enough new stock now due to demand, that logic doesn't really add up.

In summary, what they're doing here is reducing stock further so street prices go up even further. Then, when they release the 4000-series, they can bump the MSRP even higher without consumers batting an eye. It's all part of the plan: get ready for a $1000 MSRP 4080.