Laptops with best battery life?


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Aug 20, 2006
Sheet battery is okay. I am looking for something that can potentially last through a 13-hour flight.

The smaller the better, I guess, since it'll have to fit on an airline slide-out lunch tray.
Oh, and I've already checked out the Lenovo X240. I think it's perfect but (the tricked out version) is $1,000 more than I want to spend.
Nope. I am looking for something with significant storage space. A hybrid like the Yoga 2 would be okay, but I heard the battery life is only so-so on that.
McBook Air has pretty good battery life from what I remember. True of most McBooks actually, Apple does much better power optimization than basically everyone else because they entirely control both HW & SW configurations.
I would probably be okay with 256 GB, since I'd want it to be an SSD. I already have a MacBook but would prefer not to deal with Apple products anymore.
only ones I can think of off the cuff are the macbook air 13" 2013 (10-13 hrs) and the vaio pro 11/13 with sheet batteries.(9-13 hrs)
It's hard to find a laptop with a built-in battery that will last as long as that on a 13-inch Air... even some particularly good laptops like the ATIV Book 9 Plus still trail by a few hours.

The VAIO Pro line would have the longevity you want, although it's hard to suggest investing in one when Sony is getting out of the PC business -- and the sheet battery would basically get you to the Air's performance. Hate to say it, but you may have to relax on the "no Apple" rule if you want longevity.