laptops and dx10


Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 19, 2000
i know that the info out there on dx10 is relatively sparse, but i was hoping for some insight into an expensive purchase. i just bought a latitude d620, and really like the machine. it is not really meant as my gaming machine (since i don't really game much), but, along with a docking station, it is replacing my desktop as well. it has core2duo and a 7200rpm hard drive, and feels just as quick as my a64 x2 @ 2700mhz does.

now my question is regarding the amount of time until dx10 notebooks come out, and their expected abilities. as i don't game much, i doubt i'll feel too bad about not having the latest and greatest in graphics technology. if however, dx10 is much more important than just gaming and will extend to other areas, i'd like to know so i can send back my notebook. i do a good amount of photo editing, and if photoshop is likely to require dx10, or any other applications beyond gaming will make use of it, i'd have to take that into serious consideration.

my old laptop is really too old for running the vmware images i need for class, but i can get by with it for a while longer if buying an end-of-dx9 laptop is a foolish decision. i usually like to jump in when the technology gods align, which in my case is this notebook: discrete graphics, fast 7200rpm hard drive, core2duo, nice 1440x900 screen, media bay battery, 4.3lbs, decent price. i understand that computer hardware moves fast, but with a dual core system, i believe i'll be able to stretch out the system for a while. i'm trying to avoid buyer's remorse 3 months down the road with a bit of smart thinking now

if any of you are following dx10 and what it means for a mobile power user, i'd appreciate some advice.