laptop users w/WinXP: screenshots needed


May 15, 2003
hey guys, i need some screenshots for WinXP for some of the wireless network settings. i have WinXP on my own laptop, and have taken screenshots of what i have available on my wireless adapter, but different wireless adapters have different settings available,.....i need screenshots of the ones i don't have, and i'd appreciate if some of you can look to see if you have the ones i need and can take some screenies of them for me.

go into "Network", then right-click "Wireless Network Connection" and press "Properties". at the top, click the "Configure" button, then go to the "Advanced" tab on the next screen.

what i'm looking for here are people who have "Power Management" (NOT "Power Save Mode", which is what i have on my own computer) in the "Property" box on the left-hand side....if you have this option, click on it, and to the right where it says "Value", there will either be a check-box that says "Default Value" with a slider-bar under it (only movable when the box is unchecked), or there will be a drop-down menu with different values that you can select from (including "Off" or "Disabled"). i need a screenshot of each of these two type of "Power Management" settings.

also, in the same "Property" list, you may see either "Roaming Decision" or "Roaming Aggressiveness". if it says "Roaming Decision", there should be a drop-down menu under "Value" containing the option "Optimize Distance", among other things. if it says "Roaming Aggressiveness", there will be a check-box under "Value" that says "Default Value", and a slider-bar under it (again, only movable when "Default Value" is unchecked). i need screenshots of the window containing both of these options as well.

in all cases, if there is a drop-down menu under the "Value" column, make sure the drop-down menu is extended (so that it shows all the options available), and if you can, please take the screenshot while holding "Alt" on the keyboard while pressing the "print screen" key so it only captures the active window, rather than the entire screen.

i'd prefer uncompressed files for maximum picture quality, but a high-quality .jpg file (such as from photoshop...mspaint's .jpg encoder sucks....) is fine also.

just attach the screenies to a post in this thread, so others won't have to waste time taking screenshots if theirs is the same as what has already been posted.