Laptop suggestion - should I go with refurbished?


Mar 14, 2013
Looking for a laptop, and hoping to spend under $250.

I'll be using this mainly for display/tv calibration, and will be using windows XP. Additionally may be used for email when traveling. So will be running pretty non demanding software.

I've noticed some laptops have under-powered USB ports, and that's something I want to avoid, although a powered USB hub may solve this issue.

Small screen size is fine, even 11 inches, and would be nice (but not necessary) to have good viewing angles.

One thing I am wary of is pre-installed software on many laptops. I need something that I can format easily and install my own OS the way I want it, and not have to deal with software that's installed deep into the system.

A friend recommended I look into refurbished Dell latitude laptops, but having little to no experience with laptops, I'd like to get some more opinions.

For what it's worth, I live in Toronto, Canada.