KVM suggestions for keyboards that require USB 3

Apr 17, 2007
I picked up a CloudNine keyboard which is great and I have no complaints about the keyboard itself- but I am running into an issue with the KVM and I am striking out trying to locate a the right KVM... Does anyone know of a KVM that has usb3 console ports and has hot key swapping?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 11, 2001
Why does your keyboard require USB 3.0? Even a fancy keyboard is not going to have that sort of data needs.

Is it because of power requirements? USB 3 and above tends to output more power per port. You could try simply connecting your keyboard into a powered USB hub before your exiting KVM so that your keyboard would then be powered by the hub instead of trying to get power through the KVM - even though the USB data would still be going through the KVM.