KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

So I'm new here, but I would like a chance aswell at one of these coolers, mine's getting pretty rusty, so it would be a welcome addition, and Antec rocks in whatever they do! :)
I like the German sounding name and the fact that it would cool my OC'd Q6700 worlds better than what I have now.
The silence, temps and looks is all appealing to me. That and it would be an easy introduction into the world of water cooling.
I like the Antec KÜHLER because for the first time in a long time, I will be able to see the first RAM slot on the motherboard of my computer. I miss it so much.
Antec is the only way to go! From their cases to their PSU, and now their KÜHLER it looks like as well.

but enought a$$ kissing, hook me up!
The all-in-one approach is the largest selling point of these for me. Add in Antec's continued effort for nothing but excellence, and you can't go wrong with this product.
It helps get the heat out of the case, instead of heating your computer case like an oven it makes it just a hair dryer.
What I like about the Antec KÜHLER is the way it performs without hanging close to two pounds of metal off of my very thin motherboard. Closed-system water cooling (or is that "KÜHLING"?) rocks!
I kind of like the name... it is KÜHLER than my Corsair... which it will be replacing if I happen to win
I need Kulher !!!

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Antec is winning. I'd love to review a cooler, love the looks of the dual fan one. I could compare it with my h50!
I'm still stuck using the stock HSF that came with my 2500k, and I've been driving myself insane trying to figure out which cooler I should buy for it. I will love Antec forever if they could alleviate my stock HSF pains.
love antec quality, precision craftsmanship, and the little things they add to products that prove their engineers are PC geeks also and build what they love.
I'm looking to build a new rig to replace my personal 5-year-old PC (build my wife a new one and an HTPC since then) sometime this year and have been eying water cooling.

The Kulher has certainly been one I've been looking and would be great to have. I like it's simplicity in handling just the CPU cooling. That clears out alot of space for airflow and cable management in the middle of the case. I'd test it out overclocking my wife's i5 first off though. :)
Antec has always stood behind their products! I have an out of warranty P182 that had a door hinge break. The door had been out of stock for months, so I sent them an email detailing how I had been patiently waiting for this to come in stock. Next thing I know they ask if I'd be ok with them sending me both side panels and front door from a P180B so the case would match. And they didn't even charge me! Talk about taking care of the customer! They just bought a customer for life! LOL
I like how it exhausts hot air out of the case instead of swirling it around inside.
Been using Antec power supplies and cases for years. If they can live up to their usually quality standards with this cooling setup, then it should be a no brainer addition to my rig.
I would love to give my brother a watercooling setup that he can play with. I've got a DD setup and he has a Zalman 9700. He needs water badly.
Antec always makes great products! Who wouldn't want something for free from them? My noise box sure could use a little noise reduction and some H2O lovin'!