KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!


I love Antec because they give away free stuff.
I like that it can replace my entire water cooling loop and perform almost as good but with much less maintenance!
Post. I've always liked Antec stuff. Still have 2 antec power supplies, and use their basic cases for simple builds. Good products from a solid company.
Both the 960 and 920 look legit in design and build quality.
i like the blue antec logo on there :p still rocking my 7 year old antec case for the server in the basement with a truepower 430!!
Because my 2600k needs to be cooled by an Antec product

and a picture of a cat and George W. Bush

I've never owned a case or PSU thus far that hasn't been Antec.

So to match, I would need their cooler :)

And the dog. He rides boats, PWCs, tubes, and has skied in his younger years.

The cooler the cpu the better, and if you can do it with out putting 2lbs of aluminum hanging off your motherboard, well thats just awesome.
Sealed WC system that provides good temps at low noise levels. Can't beat that!
looks more versatile then the h50 for sure. h50 cables were very stiff in my opinion
Only ever used an antec power supply,but it has been powering my son's pc for a long time without a problem. Sure would like to try one of these.
I like antec because they make good quality parts. I usually use the power supplies when we build computers at work because we know we can trust them. I am sure this cooler will reflect the same quality.