Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

My Klipsch Amp that I sent to Henry http://myworld.ebay.com/stpeteshepherd/ was returned repaired with cooling added in ten days. He responds to every e mail even if just asking for advice. My unit has now been working on an average of 10 hours a day for almost six months. No problems, no hastle.
I am not saying anything bad about anyone else just saying that based on my experience the work, speed, price and follow up by Henry were all excellent. I have said it before but that was so many pages ago that I am reposting it.

So here it is three years later and my Klipsch amp and speakers fixed by Stepetshepard (Henry) is still working just fine. Just sayin....
Does Henry still work on thses? I emailed him last week and havent gotten a reply back.
I do not know. I do know that he still sells stuff on e bay so perhaps you can contact him there.
I called Klipsch up directly and asked them, they have a 3rd party company in MI that repairs the units, around $150 to get mine fixed.
Hey guys,

I thought I had to chime in here since I also browsed the Internet for answers to repairing my Promedia 5.1 speakers about 9months ago. I contacted Eliott @ Eliottronics for the repair and he took my money for the repair and was in contact about how it would be shipped out "next week" and here I am 9months later with my amp and money GONE. I was scammed so plz be aware. I have sent many msgs that have gone unreplied.

Don't make the mistake I made. I loved that klipsch promedia set and was still hoping to fix it. Now I don't even have the amp board anymore so there is no chance to have them fixed.
Quick Google search and this popped up. Definitely have to do some homework on people before you send them your stuff. Very sorry this guy got you; he's obviously a full-on scammer.
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Klipsch Ultras 5.1 Amp Repair (Stay Away From Elliot-Tronics AKA Elliot Sanchez)
He used to be the only guy doing amp repairs, it now seems there are some others. I wish I had someone else fix my amp. STAY FAR AWAY FROM ELLIOT-TRONICS!!!!

My amp was shipped to Elliot via USPS Priority on July 26th, 2010. Like many others, he promised me a 20 day turnaround. After sending several emails asking for updates well past the 20 day turnaround period, I finally got a response on Sept 1st that he would have it out that week.

Well guess what, he didn’t.

I then begged him for a response throughout September. I finally got a response on September 23rd that he had shipped it out on Monday.

I get the amp, finally. I hook it up. The sound is WORSE than when I sent it out. After 3 minutes of checking my speaker hookups and such, it suddenly went POP with a large puff of smoke and died.

I contact him, obviously upset over how long it took, having it worse than before, and now fully dead. He says to send it back and he’ll fix it and that he’s sorry. So I do as he won’t give a refund for “work already performed”. Yeah great work. He also promises a 5 DAY turnaround this time.

I send it back on Oct. 5th again via USPS Priority Mail. He has yet to respond after a ton of emails.

This guy is a scammer. I am out a total of around $145. Plus OODLEs of wasted time between July 26th and right now, November 11th, and don’t even have my amp back.

I could NEVER EVER recommend anyone do any kind of business with this scammer.

I have given him an ultimatum to either have my fully functioning amp sent to me, or my money refunded, by Dec 1st. If he doesn’t, I am going to be thrashing his name all over the internet, as well as pursuing legal action. It’s his choice, at this point, I don’t even care about the money anymore. I will make him regret ever screwing me over.
All I can tell you is that I had my amp board fail. I contacted Henery, he gave me a price and an estimate on how long it would take. I sent him my amp board. He contacted me when he got it, he reconfirmed the time it would take to fix it which was about a week if I remember correctly. When it was due to be done he contacted me and told me it was fixed. I sent him the payment and I received the board back, all fixed and working well. He also added some improved cooling. That was a few years ago and it is still working well. I recommend him highly. I have no comments on the other guy as I know nothing about him except what has been written here.
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I second Baer's recommendation. My recent experience with Henry was the same. Well worth it! The guy is really good and reliable.
Henry Koch repaired my Klipsch 5.1 Ultra's a while back (Sept 2011, with extra cooling mod) and they have been working perfectly ever since. The last few pages of this thread can be defined as the horror stories of those involved with Elliot and the praise toward Henry Koch (I remember his name off the top of my head... proof I was THAT astounded by his services). He sent me a detailed report of his repairs on my specific unit, which was totally over my head. He gave me ohm readings before and after and specific ratings on the replacement parts he used... all of which was over my head. But the detail and specificity in which he reported his results was astounding.

I highly recommend Hencry Koch for any Klipsch repairs.
Nice, I just had my Promedia 4.1 sub give out.... Good to know someone repairs them.
I have tried to contact Henry through his email and through is ebay account. He is not answering either one.
Hey I have a set of 4.1 set of klipsch speakers but my sub is making strange noise and sounds like crap. The satelllites all sound great still and work...Is there a way to disable the bass from playing through sub so I dont need to hear it rattle constantly? Is this an expensive thing to fix & what exactly is the issue?
I have tried to contact Henry through his email and through is ebay account. He is not answering either one.

That sucks; maybe he is on vacation or something out of the ordinary happened to him or family. Hopefully this is just temporary as he seems to be THE go-to guy for affordable and reliable repairs on these units.

It would be nice if we had someone from [H] who could perfect the process and keep a repair log here. Just sayin'!
I never realized the sub box had 2 subs until last night. .I tested both out but they both sound horrible..I had to disconnect both & now everything sounds great. However, I am wondering if its possible to add a different sub of the same specifications or that is not possible?
I am using the low freq output for a 3rd Sub, a 15" B&W which sounds awesome. I doubt that the issue is your speakers. I am guessing a leaking electrolytic capacitor in the amp.
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Baer is there anything I can do? How can I find out what is exactly causing the issue?
If you have no background in board level repair the best thing is to get someone to do it for you or even try to find a replacement board but what you can do is carefully inspect the components, see if any of the resistors are burned out or is any of the capacitors seem to be leaking or swollen. If so then need to be replaced. Also look at all the solder joints and be sure that they are smooth and somewhat shiny and not crystalized or have gaps. These units were made before we were all forced to use lead free RoHS solder which is less reliable, these should have good old leaded solder which is far more reliable and long lasting. If you see any damaged or corroded folder joints at the base of the components then they can be re soldered.
Baer if my speakers sound blown is that an issue with the speakers or something else? I have currently unplugged both the woofers in the box and everything sounds fine now but I miss the bass....Is there a way to find out what is causing the subs to sound like crap?
I suspect it is the Amp but you can just attach a different Sub using the additional low pass output just connect a different bass speaker (disconnect the two Klipsch subs) just to try it. I can not know for sure but I really do not think it is the speakers. You can also disconnect one of them at a time and see if the other sub sounds OK (use low volume)
Here are some schematic links that will help anyone who is attempting the repair assuming it is the amp.
And some parts to use to repair
The sub amp is a different branch than the other speakers so having the mid and treble speakers working well and having the bass distort is very possible without it being the speakers. Hard to tell however without seeing it.
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Its hard to believe that both subs are blown. I tried connected one at a time and they both sound like crap in a similar way... Is there a way to get a replacement sub amp online for the same unit I have? BTW I have the klip 4.1 setup.
Look at this one for parts
And here is an I-O board for your unit http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Pro...mplifier_Parts_Components&hash=item33827af40d
And here is an Amp board, which I am guessing is your problem
And, here is a thread that may have good data
I really suspect that the issue is the electrolytic capacitors at the output of the amp. I would just replace them or get someone with a soldering iron and a little experience to do it. They are not expensive and even if they are not the problem right now, they are probably approaching end of life anyway.
Look up some electronic repair shops near where you live, someone who can repair Bose or other units should be able to fix this amp.
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baer can I use any speaker to test or it needs to be the same exact spec as the klips? Thanks again for the great feedback
Any speaker but the impedance should be the same (I e 4 ohm or 8 ohm) if possible for best match although any speaker will tell you that if it works it is the board and not the speaker.
TL;dr: A new unhappy post warning you not to go to Eliot-tronics for repairs, but at this point I might have a working Klipsch 5.1 amp if you're interested in buying one.

Hey all,

Had to register for this message board just to lodge my complaints with Eliot-tronics and let you all know that things haven't changed to this day.

Like many here I read the first page of positive comments and jumped the gun contacting him. Big mistake. He's great with fast responses to new business but once he's got your gear the demeanor changes. The FIRST time I sent him my amp, he kept it about 7-8 weeks after promising a 4 week turnaround. Once I had it back, it worked well for one night, and then when I turned it back on the following day it produced no sound at all.

He suggested I send it back again, I was obviously weary after the first experience. I told him I'd go for it if he paid for one leg of the shipping. He refused, he knew he already had my money. Already into this guy for over 100 bucks, and with his assurances that this time the turnaround would be much faster because he'd already done a lot of work, I went ahead and sent the amp back.

ANOTHER big mistake. Did not get any response whatsoever from him for a month after that, after countless calls and emails. In the end I bought a straight home theater receiver and woofer off Craigslist to replace the Klipsch components and went to my bank with a fraud complaint against him. Paypal won't investigate claims that are more than 40 days old, so part of Eliot's operation is to string you along until that time period has elapsed, but depending on who you're with your bank might still be able to help you. They credited my initial 117 back and I think they've gone to Paypal about him.

I've been outta town on business, and when I got home, over 2 months after sending it to him the second time and 4 months since beginning this process, the amp was sitting on my doorstep. I'm happy with my new receiver and I have little reason to invest any more time or energy into this. However if anyone here is looking for options on their busted Klipsch amp, I'd be willing to hook it up and test it, and if it seems to be working, to sell it on to you with the option to return for a refund. Might be a quicker solution than trying to repair yourself. You can reach me at [email protected]
nerdkos: thanks for the post. I do not think Im going to send it to elliot to fix. My problem is the bass (2 woofers) in the box sound like crap while everything else is fine. He actually responded & said there is nothing I can do to turn off the crappy sound they are making besides turn down the bass on the main satellite knob. However, this is not true. I opened the sub box & disconnected both woofers & now everything sounds great but no bass from the two woofers. I'm curious how did you setup the receiver to use the Klip satellites & can any receiver be used? I thought The satellites only work if they are rigged up with the amp that is inside the klip subbox. I really miss having the two woofers for bass & Im wondering if they are just blown or if its the sub amp thats fried? Is there anyway to pinpoint this? I appreciate the help.
Yeah thats sort of how my problems started, there was a hiss over all channels and eventually the amp failed entirely. Everything, the satellites and the woofer, are driven by the guts inside the woofer, which is what I sent to elliot to repair. replacing it should fix your problems.

As far as replacing with a home theater receiver, you'll need a sound card on your computer that either outputs through HDMI or optically, and a receiver that can receive that signal. You'll also need to buy a stand-alone subwoofer. I happened to find a guy on craigslist who was selling exactly that package, but buying each individually could be cost prohibitive.
You can output analog to most receivers also.

As far as Hennery is concerned. I see he has some new stuff posted on e Bay so he should be reachable.
Hi all, any of you ever had a Tannoy sub 15 5.1 amp?
I'm struggling with the the logic side of things.
My amps keeps resetting.

I have gone through all the componants and the all seem fine.
Thus i believe it must be a logic issue from my STABP01 circuit.

Any advice?
nerdkos like i said earlier mine subs sounded like crap, however, when I unplugged them from within the sub box everything sounds fine now. My satellites still sound fine but I have no bass...Im wondering if my actual subs blew or if there is a separate sub amp part that got blown? Would it be possible jus to swap out the sub amp part if that is the issue & the subs will work fine again?
Ive been registering at all of the forums where Elliot-Tronics has been in discussion so i can warn anyone who will read this about dealing with him.

I payed Elliot to repair Two Home audio amps (Klipsch Brand). I paid him up front $254.00, and $40 to ship them to him on April 4, 2013. He promised a 20 day turn around. After the 20 days had passed I heard nothing back from him. I emailed him April 30, 2013 To check on the status of the repair and still I heard nothing back from him. I Sent him another message May 7, 2013 and He told me one amp was ready, the other he was still working on. He told me he would finish the last amp and send them both back the following week. Again I heard nothing from him the following week so I emailed him June 13, 2013. He told me he was still working on the second amp and that he should have it ready by the following week. Once more I heard nothing back from him for several weeks.

I Emailed him on June 26, 2013, and he eventually sent one of my amps back to me on June 28, 2013. Once some time had passed I sent him yet another email (August 14, 2013) as he had not made any contact with me as to whether or not he was able to finish the last amp. He didn't respond until August 23, 2013. He Told me once again he would have it finished the following week and would send it out.

After about 4 months now of not hearing anything from him I'm pretty sure ill never see that amp again. I have filed complaints within his jurisdiction in Texas, and also with IC3. I recommend Avoiding Elliot-Tronics Entirely. As far as I'm concerned he completely failed to honor any of our agreement, and flat out stole my property.
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Stay away from Elliott-tronics AKA Elliott Sanchez. This guy is a total rip off. His paypal account was deactivated and recreated a new account under Jessica Sanchez. This guy has kept my equipment for over 6 months. Lied to me about the timeline, that I would get it soon. Tell me he's waiting on one part, on and on. The parts and my equipment were never returned. STAY AWAY this guy, he is a FRAUD!!! Do your research, he's did this to many people throughout the internet forums and he lives Cedar Hill, TX. I'm about to take a trip to Dallas to go claim my equipment and get a refund with filing legal action through small claims court. HE ignores my emails and I'm going to tell everyone about his POOR service. Go find another engineer or tech on ebay for your Klipsch pro media 5.1 amp repair. If you choose poorly like me, then you will be in the same situation. Research before you send anything to this guy!!! Look at the payment history.
My Klipsch 5.1's failed again after five more years of excellent performance so I contacted Henry again. He gave me a very fair price for a repair and an upgrade in components so I shipped the unit to him. He responded quickly and I expect the unit back in a few weeks.
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This is ridiculous. I've PM'd a mod to request that he edit the first post to warn people about this guy. I'm tired of seeing people get ripped off. Some people looking for someone to service their amp only read the first page or two (before all of the negative reports of Elliot's service started) and chose to send their parts to him for repair. Look at the last few pages of this thread!! We need to do more to get the word out in order to avoid more people getting scammed by this guy and sending him money only to be lied to and ignored.
This is ridiculous. I've PM'd a mod to request that he edit the first post to warn people about this guy. I'm tired of seeing people get ripped off. Some people looking for someone to service their amp only read the first page or two (before all of the negative reports of Elliot's service started) and chose to send their parts to him for repair. Look at the last few pages of this thread!! We need to do more to get the word out in order to avoid more people getting scammed by this guy and sending him money only to be lied to and ignored.

I'm gonna vouch for Henry's work. Got my amp back a few weeks ago and it's been running great. He's very friendly via email, and I really like that he gives you a complete breakdown of what was done to fix the unit.
I also just heard from him.
He repaired my unit almost five years ago and it has run well for that time. A few weeks ago it started to act up so I contacted him and he quoted me a fair price and a two week fix time. I sent it to him and I got a note back yesterday with a detailed list of what he fixed and what he upgraded and a tracking number as he has now sent it back to me.
I once again highly recommend Henry, he is honest, trustworthy and the quality of his work is superior.
His direct e mail is [email protected]
Another vote here for the quality of Henry's work. He got my amp panel on a Friday and had replaced or upgraded almost 30 components by the following Monday. This included cleaning up the dried-out adhesive that Elliott had used in his repair job back in January '10 that was in danger of causing a short. I don't want to jump on the 'bash Elliott' bandwagon here, since my experience with him was very positive and I was pleased with his work at the time; however, Henry did a lot more work than Elliott for the same money and took a month less to do it. It also seems from comments here that his work will last a lot longer as well. Nice work, Henry, and sorry I ruined your weekend this summer!

p.s. Can someone tell me what would be the maximum wire gauge I could use to connect the satellites? I'd like to replace the stock leads with something shorter and thicker. Thanks.
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There is no maximum, the thicker the better as that reduces the resistance but after 12 or 14 gage anything larger is ridiculous. I never use anything less than 18 gage.
So where can I lay hands on a 680 Ohm 2 watt resistor? The local Frys and Radiosmack have 0 stock. I tried to order from Amazon but the seller was in Macu and it was going to take 3 weeks so I ended up canceling the order.