Kingdom Come Releases February 2018


Jun 22, 2008
The folks at Warhorse Studio have released a new trailer for their upcoming medieval epic RPG. Marketed as a sandbox environment, players experience take control of Henry, son of a blacksmith, as he ventures off in the land of Bohemia. The game was originally set to release in 2016 with a successful kickstarter campaign. A beta was launched last year with some hitches, but what was shown looks very promising. With Mount and Blade 2 set to release this year, I can't be happier to take a few swings at some baddies.

By bittersweet fortune, he is one of the few survivors of this massacre, after which he takes fate upon himself to help fight for the future of Bohemia, and is dragged into a bloody conflict of a raging civil war.
I have been checking in on this one from time to time and it looks very promising indeed!
The only game play I saw was an arm wrestling simulator, is that the real game hidden under the paint? YOU DECIDE.
I expect a full [H] review of the Arm Wrestling simulator in VR.