keyboard problems in xp


Fully [H]
Oct 7, 2000
i have a system im working and the keyboard works in dos, in the bios, in ghost etc. but not in xp(normal or safemode). when a key is pressed the pc speaker makes a "tick" noise(1 tick per key press). i have tried 4 different ps/2 keyboards and 2 differnet usb keyboards and none work. i have scanned for virus, none, cleaned out some minor spyware, reinstalled the keyboard(removed from device manager) installed logitech's keyboard drivers, reinstalled dells keyboard drivers nothing helped. i even tried to run a xp "repair" but when i got to the product key page the keyboard didnt work there either! (luckily i cloned the hdd befor doing so) anybody have any ideas? everything else works fine so i dont want to have to do a full rebuild if i can help it. especially since the customer insists that the keyboard worked befor i got it. im not sure if it did cause i didnt use it until i was going through the registry to clean out some spyware and found that it wasnt working. im positive that i didt remove anything in the reg as all i took out were browser helper objects and unknown toolbars.