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Nov 6, 2009
During the Steam sales, I'm gonna edit my OP everyday to keep track of the damage to my wallets or to those who gave me Steam gifts. This is the place for you to do the same thing, POST ONLY ONCE in this thread, and simply edit your post to update it every day you buy or are gifted something. This way we will have a reference for how much you have spent or been gifted, total. Don't forget to add dates, just in case.

So far

12-19-2011 Dead Island - $26.79 (was gifted this one)
12-20-2011 Nothing
12-21-2011 Thinking on whether to get Payday the Heist 4 pack to gift out to friends, or to buy a single copy for myself, basically it's buy 3 get 1 free.

I don't know why, but I haven't really been pulling the trigger this year, it's not a money issue, more like I can't really see myself playing what's been on sale so far.

Proper format would be somewhere along the lines of

Date - Game - Price
" - " - "

and so on and so forth, just either keep a running TOTAL on the bottom, or total it up when the sales end. Make sure you attach a price to each game so we know what you got it for and it helps you keep track of your money spent (or the value of what you got gifted).
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Day 1;
Orcs Must Die : $3.74
Portal 2: $7.49
Metro 2033: $4.99
All OMD DLC: $1.60
Day 1 total: $17.82

Day 2;
The Witcher, Enhanced: $2.49
Orcs Must Die: $3.74 (for a friend)
Day 2 total: $6.23

Day 3;
Monday Night Combat: $2.49
Swords & Soldiers HD: $2.49
Defense Grid: $2.49
Day 3 total: $7.47

Day 4;
STALKER: Clear Sky: $2.49
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine: $24.99
Day 4 total: $27.48

Day 5;
Day 5 total: $0.00

Day 6;
Day 6 total: $0.00

Day 7;
Day 7 total: $0.00

Day 8;
Bastion SoundTrack Edition $8.48
Day 8 total: $8.48

Total through Sales: $68.50
Total Remaining in Wallet: $9.82
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I might just be that guy that gets absolutely nothing from this sale. I already owned most of the games on the list today.

Total as of Day 1: 0
Total as of Day 2: 0
Defense Grid: You Monster DLC
Total as of Day 3: $1.24
Total as of Day 4: $1.24
Total as of Day 5: $1.24
Total as of Day 6: $11.22

Day 1: Nada fuck this sale
Day 2:Nutin for me today.
Day 3: Caved on the Defense Grid Portal DLC. I love defense grid and portal dammit.
Day 6: Bought Hard Reset for myself and as a christmas present. Oddly I'm much more ok with buying Hard Reset for $5 than something like Duke Nukem or RAGE.

FYI. I had gotten ORCS MUST DIE! for free from some magazine deal and never played it. Just played it last night to get a Steam achievement. Awesome game. In hindsight would have been an easy $5 buy for me.
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Day 1
Orcs Must Die + DLC - $5.80

Day 2

Day 3
Defense Grid: The Awakening - $2.49
STALKER: Call of Pripyat - $3.47
Payday: The Heist - $9.99
(Tax) - 1.39

TOTAL: $23.41
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Day 1: $12.83
Orcs Must Die! + DLC: $5.34
Downloading demo of "Orcs Must Die!" to try out. (EDIT: That didn't take long. Purchased! :))
Portal 2: $7.49
Purchased as a gift.

Day 2: $0

Day 3: $6.19
Defense Grid: The Awakening DLC $2.20
For Myself
Defense Grid: The Awakening + DLC $3.99
Purchased as a gift

Running Total: $19.02
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Counting Thanksgiving and the recent daily deals I am in about $33 so far. Prolly won't get much this year though, I have most of the games I want.

Total War Mega Pack ~$12
Star Wars Force Unleashed I and II ~$10
Fallout New Vegas DLC ~$11
Day 1: $12.83
-Orcs Must Die + DLC
-Portal 2

(dammit I forgot to use the 25 percent off coupon for portal 2...oh well, maybe I'll buy someone else a copy lol)

Day 2: $0.00

didn't see anything that interested me
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$12 New Vegas DLC - Money well spent!

$10 Geneforge Saga - I'll probably only end up playing 3-5, already played 5 but it deserves another playthrough for sure.
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I'll bite.

Day 1: $0
Day 2: $0
Day 3: $0
Running total: $0
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Day 1
Max Payne Bundle: $3.74
Metro 2033: $4.99
Just Cause: $3.74
Just Cause 2 + DLC: $4.99 + $2.18
Total: $19.64

Day 2
Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale: $4.99
Half-Life 1 Anthology: $3.74
Dungeons of Dredmor: Realm of the Diggle Gods DLC: $0.74
Total: $9.47

Day 3
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle $8.74
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky $2.49
Defense Grid: Resurgence Map Pack 1 $0.24
Defense Grid: Resurgence Map Pack 2 $0.24
Defense Grid: Resurgence Map Pack 3 $0.24
Defense Grid: Resurgence Map Pack 4 $0.24
Defense Grid: The Awakening DLC: You Monster! $1.24
Neverwinter Nights 2: Platinum $4.99
Double Fine Pack $5.74
Total: $24.16

Day 4
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga $9.99
Total: $9.99

Day 5
Frozen Synapse: Soundtrack Edition $4.99
Total: $4.99

Grand Total: $68.25
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Portal 2: $7.49

I also spent $10 this weekend on Humble Bumble 4, loaded on steam, but not the same sale, so whatever. This would have never happened if you didn't make this thread. Thanks a lot, Fail. Fucking Steam is going to eat my pocket.
Day 1: I escaped! I've already picked up everything I wanted in previous sales.

Day 2: Red Orchestra 2 was very tempting, but with SWTOR just released I probably wont have time to play much of anything else. I can grab it cheaper at a later date.
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After BF3came out promised myself I wouldn't buy any more games until I cleared out most of my backlog.

And thanks to BF3 and LoL i've stuck to it. :)
Dec 19, 2011:
Portal + Portal 2
Orcs Must Die!
Orcs Must Die! - Artifacts of Power DLC
Orcs Must Die! - Lost Adventures DLC
Subtotal: $14.08
Day 1: $0.00 for today, but I have a few dozen games on my wishlist, so we'll see...

Heads up to those of you who bought Orcs Must Die! today (12/19) -- one of today's Great Gift Pile achievements involves the first level in the game, so you have less than a day remaining if you want to complete that one.

You have until the end of the sale to complete the achievements, you don't have to get it the same day its posted.
12/19: $0
12/20: Psychonauts x 2 (one for a gift) = $4.98
12/21: Payday: The Heist $9.99
Total: $14.97
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Day 1
Metro 2033 - $4.99
Orcs Must Die! - $3.74

Day 2
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - $2.49
Duke Nukem Forever - $4.99
Dungeons of Dredmor Pack with Realm of the Diggle Gods - $1.87

Day 3
Guardians of Graxia Game and Map Pack - $2.92
Defense Grid: The Awakening DLC: You Monster! - $1.24

Day 4

Day 5
Greed Corp - $2.49
Fate of the World - $2.49

Day 6
Hard Reset - $4.99
Skyrim - $40.19

Day 7
X-SuperBox - $9.99

Day 8
Anomaly: Warzone Earth - $2.49

Day 9
Star Wars: KOTOR - $2.49

Day 10
Assassin's Creed - $4.99

Day 11

Day 12
Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars - $7.49 USD
Command and Conquer: Kane's Wrath - $4.99 USD

Day 13

Day 14
The Settlers VI: Gold - $13.39
Mata Hari - $1.99

Grand Total: $120.47

That's it for my holiday season spending on Steam. So much for the $100 budget:(
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12/19/11 - Unreal Complete Pack - $9.99 (Bought to gift to someone)
12/19/11 - BF2 Compelte Pack - $9.99 (Bought to gift to someone)
12/23/11 - Serious Sam 3 - $39.99 (Got as a gift)
12/25/11 - Skyrim - $40.19 (Bought to gift to someone)
12/25/11 - Serious Sam 3 - $39.99 (Bought to gift to someone)
15/25/11 - Skyrim - $40.19 (Bought for myself.)

Total: $140.35

If those two packs go on sale again, even less than they were this time I'll buy them again for my collection.
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Hoping they put up Dungeon Defenders new DLC on something better than 25% off.

Otherwise... $0 so far.
Geneforge Saga: $9.99

That's probably going to be it for this year since I have everything else I want.
$0 so far.

I can't believe people are really buying Dead Island at this point. It's broken garbage. Some of you will regret that purchase I can guarantee it.
12/19/11 - $8.82

Orcs Must Die!
Orcs Must Die Artifacts of Power DLC
Orcs Must Die Lost Adventures DLC
Bunch of Heroes
Bunch of Heroes Horror pack DLC
Geneforge Saga: $9.99

That's probably going to be it for this year since I have everything else I want.

I didn't realize they had put that on Steam. They must have worked a deal when Avadon released. $10 is a steal for that much content.
Metro 2033 - 4.99

Has anyone played Singularity or is it a crappy console port?
Orcs must die+DLC. $5.84

Tropico 4+Junta DLC . $16.70

Mass effect 2, and Terraria $10.90

Company of Heroes Pack, Wings of Prey, Hard Reset. $21.81

12/31/11 Fallout New Vegas+DLC, DX:HR+DLC. Misc DLC for other games. $55.65
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12/19/11 - Portal 2 - $7.49
12/19/11 - Orcs Must Die - $3.74
12/20/11 - Lego Batman - $4.99
12/22/11 - Mass Effect 2 - $4.99
12/22/11 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution - $9.99 on
1/1/12 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Tactical + Explosion Bundle DLC - $1.35
1/1/12 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing Link DLC - $5.09
1/1/12 - Skyrim - $40.19

Total: $77.83
Way less than I was expecting to spend, yet way more than I should have spent. :D
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Day 1 - My wallet was safe because I already picked up alot of those games from the last 2 sales :D

Day 2 - Place holder until tonight, I might pick some titles ;)
Tracking since Thanksgiving:

Terraria: $2.50
Bastion: $5.00
Portal 2 (2 Pack): $13.74
So far:

Dec 19
Just Cause 2: $9.98 (one for myself and one for a friend)

Dec. 20
Dungeons of Dredmor with Realm addon: $1.87

Current debate
Tropico 4 on the lappy over the holidays... or more Minecraft?
Monday: $0
Tuesday: $0 - May buy Lego Batman for my 6yo; he has it on the Wii but he has already noticed that "the computer is better". :p

I'm really not sure what they could put on sale that would make me bite after Skyrim and TOR. Maybe a newer game like Batman:AC or SS3 for $20.
Monday: $0
Tuesday: $0 - May buy Lego Batman for my 6yo; he has it on the Wii but he has already noticed that "the computer is better". :p

I'm really not sure what they could put on sale that would make me bite after Skyrim and TOR. Maybe a newer game like Batman:AC or SS3 for $20.

Great call, by your son, and yourself.

I too, would bite on Arkham City if it was $20, and Serious Sam 3 at the same price, I have been putting off acquiring those 2 titles.

I think if you're willing to pay $25, they have some people selling Steam keys in FS/FT at that price, just a heads up!!!
bit on Tropico 4 for 13.59 and the military junta DLC for 1.69 today. That's the first purchase of the sale. (so far...)
Dawn of War II Chaos Rising 14.99, Alien Breed Triology 5.74 and Air Drive 4.99, 25.72 yesterday... must refrain from cruising the steam sales while drinking.
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