Just looking for a quick sanity check about my PSU


Limp Gawd
Sep 25, 2002
I am planning to build a new computer and give my wife my current computer.

I am planning to use my Cooler Master Real Power Pro 750W that is currently installed on my computer (Q6600) for the new computer (Intel i7 2600K with Z68 or P67 motherboard) and buy a 500W PSU for the old computer.

Here's the link of my old Cool Master Real Power Pro 750W PSU

I looked at the specification and the available connectors. It looks like I should have enough connectors to support all new hardware, does that sounds correct to you?

In case you were wondering why I am doing it. The reason I have a 750W PSU is because I have many hard drives and dual graphic cards. I plan to move those hard drives to the new computer and just leave 1 graphic card in the old computer. So instead of spending $150-$200 for a new 700+wattz PSU, now I can spend $60 bucks or so and buy a 500wattz PSU for the old computer and use the old one for my new PC.