Just bought an Acer ET430K 43" 4K monitor


Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 7, 2005
So I bought my 2 Acer 1440p 27" monitors back in 2013ish for around $400 each on sale. I used these on a cheap dual mount for work at home purposes until now. The monitors still work ok, and 1440p was a nice jump from 1080p back at the time. But in the last couple years I've lusted after a big 4k monitor.

So I did a ton of reading and shopping and waiting. I convinced myself I didn't "need" a 4K monitor. Then I happened to be at my local Microcenter for other reasons and noticed they had this thing on sale for $399. I had been looking at new for $500 or refurb for $399/less. Why not buy a new one for a couple bucks more.


Ask me anything about the monitor and I'll try to answer. Games at 4K/60hz or less have been excellent (Diablo 3, Anthem, Rise of the tomb raider, Ryse son of rome, etc). No it doesn't go over 60hz but even a 1080ti has problems doing that anyway, get real.

It is so awesome. It does have a little image retention during normal desktop usage but it goes away and I never see it in games.

The stand is... meh... no height adjustment, but it tilts a little But honestly for me the height is just right, I was going to wall mount it but I don't think I need to.

Complaint wise... the input area sucks. It's on the very bottom, facing down.. and somewhat blocked by the stand. It's very hard to read the input labels, much less get the jacks in the right way on the first try. But at least it's not heavy and not hard to tilt over. 2 hdmi (4k), 1 DP, 1 mini DP.

The menu system is meh, and I don't love the joystick on the back of the monitor. I have it pushed so far back on my desk it's kind of a chore to reach. But I don't have to much except to change inputs.

PS4 on a HDMI input works great. Maybe I need to play with "gamer" mode more to dial it in.

So far so good, and it's huge. Even at 100% scaling I see everything great.

Stop waiting, go buy one.