Jinhua Claims It Didn't Steal Anything


Mar 3, 2018
Last week, the U.S. Justice Department charged Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit with stealing intellectual property from Micron. But, in a press release posted on their Chinese website, Jinhua claims they didn't steal anything at all. Interestingly, a separate press release posted in July claims that Micron stole intellectual property from Junhua, and were subsequently banned in China. Sounds like there's some bad blood between the companies, to say the least. The full press release, translated via Google Translate, is below.

Jinhua Company has always firmly adhered to independent research and development routes, continuously increased investment, carried out research and development and manufacturing of memory memory related products, and achieved a number of patent achievements. Jinhua Company always attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, and there is no behavior to steal other company technologies. Micron regards the development of Jinhua as a threat and adopts various means to prevent and destroy the development of Jinhua. The United States has included Jinhua in the US "list of entities for export control" and has taken judicial measures. In this regard, Jinhua Company resolutely safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, requires the other party to immediately stop wrong practices, and facilitate and promote the normal trade and cooperation between the two enterprises.
Is this the company where people were tossing flash drives to each to escape while an office was being raided?
"They" didn't steal anything, people in their employ acting completely independently of the company did. Jinhuh had "no knowledge" of their wrong doings..... That is enough of an argument to tie things up in court unless somebody can find a very concrete paper trail to prove otherwise, and even if they did,they would have to argue it in Chinese court which is a joke to begin with.
Sorry Jinhua, but guilt by association applies here. You're a Chinese company so........
Is this the company where people were tossing flash drives to each to escape while an office was being raided?
UMC (the co-conspirator in the theft of Micron IP) was the company where people were tossing flash drives to escape an office raid in Taiwan. The Taiwan government is also suing UMC and a few people in Taiwan on this matter as well.