Jaguar Testing NASA Alertness Technology to Enhance Owner Safety

Terry Olaes

I Used to be the [H] News Guy
Nov 27, 2006
Under the Mind Sense research project, automaker Jaguar is testing brainwave technology to improve safety by detecting whether the driver's alertness is becoming impaired, such as drowsiness or daydreaming. The tech is already in use by NASA and others to enhance concentration and focus. I could use this tech on my keyboard when working or clearing lanes late at night.

[The system] detects brainwaves through the hands via sensors embedded in the steering wheel. Because the sensing is taking place further away from the driver's head, software is used to amplify the signal and filter out the pure brainwave from any background 'noise'. Jaguar Land Rover is currently conducting user trials to collect more information on the different brainwaves identified through the steering wheel sensors and will involve leading neuroscientists in the project to verify the results.


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 11, 2005
Dammit .... upon quick scan I saw the words Jaeger and NASA ..... now I am disappointed.