Jaguar Land Rover Tests Traffic Light Connection Technology


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Mar 3, 2018
The prediction of red lights and green lights is almost a myth among many drivers, but Jaguar-Land Rover is trying to turn it into a reality. The company is testing "Vehicle-to-Infrastructure" technology that will help drivers avoid red lights, while the "Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory" shows drivers the perfect speed to approach red lights at.

Check out a video of the tech here.

Jaguar Land Rover has also addressed time lost to searching for a parking space by providing real-time information of available spaces to drivers and developed an Emergency Vehicle Warning to alert motorists when a fire engine, police car or ambulance is approaching.

While I enjoy driving (without any self driving tech), I hate red lights with a burning passion, and I would pay for this in a heartbeat. Not sure how far away this technology is in the U.S, but I wish Jaguar-Land Rover the best of luck.
It's easy to figure out since I hit about 3 green lights a year at most. I wish I were joking. :mad:
Lol a pointless technology with driverless cars right around the corner
Which is itself pointless tech with semi-permanent full-immersion VR right around the corner. No need to commute or travel physically.
Soooooo, this tech basically will make the driver in front of you slow down to a speed to hit a green light right? Correct me if i'm wrong but the idiot using this in front of me makes me wait to turn right at a red light because he's going to crawl so he doesn't have to stop at a red light? HAHAHAHA! If so let the road rage commence.
I hope they put a sizeable delay in that green light estimator. Anyone who rolls into an intersection around here as soon as the light flips green is going to be t-boned in short order.
Due to long drives sometimes required I already do this for fun. Sadly all my work can be done remotely but IBM, NetApp and many others refuse to allow it.
Good luck.

Most traffics lights aren’t on the same timing. They also have varying timing depending on the time of day, and it’ll change between which lanes! Additionally many traffic lights are on sensors and will not change until you’re fucking stopped there, I’d love the sensor telling you to creep along at idle haha
but if you drive 15mph over the speed limit you'll also avoid the same red light you'd be hesitating to get to at 15mph under the speed limit. . .