I've been searching for days; PCIe extensions/cables?


Aug 10, 2004
I made a thing:
7800X3D new build, help please?

Unfortunately all is not well becuase apparently Gigabyte GPUs have been cracking and this is news to me only after I built the damn thing. So anyway, I'm thinking I can mitigate any risk with a vertical GPU mount. I'm definitely sorted in that department as my case came with the bracket (I'll probably buy a new one anyway for PCIe 4.0 support).

The problem is, I has sound card (PCIe 1x). Soundcard won't fit with the GPU bracket installed. My case is massive so I have room to put it a slot or two down, but I need a PCIe extension that isn't f****ng massive. 30mm will be enough. Can anyone suggest something that will work without looking like arse? Sourcing something local is impossible as usual, what with me being situated at the arse end of the world.

Is OCuLink a possibility?

For a sound card I would just go with a ribbon riser. Normally Grey, but some are black all lengths avaliable. The mining style with the separate pcb and usb would work but are much longer, you could move the sound card to cable management part of the case.
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I am definitely going to vert mount this beast. I don't know if my setup helps; I have a full ekwb block and hardline tubing which provides a little support but I kinda liike the idea of vert mounting the GPU with this RGB block, it will definitely enhance the looks.

I have an Enthoo Elite so there is a ton of room below the motherboard where the sound card can go. I have a spare riser cable but its the full 16x riser with like 20CM of ribbon when I only need like 3CM tops. I see there are sellers on amazon that sell any length but all the ones I found are for full 16x riser cables. I only need 1x. I'll keep looking. I was contemplating OCuLink and running the sound card externally but maybe thats a little silly.
Probably because Amazon search stinks.

worked for me :)