It just dawned on me, I have never played mass effect

I still have my original saves in a folder. And reinstalling me1 from steam will have all my endgame info hopefully.

If you uninstall ME, then you will lose your saves to import. You can (as I do) just go to and find a Shepard to play. It's good for seeing how things could be different. I need to grab the "Lair of the SB" dlc and see how that changes things with Liara.
What's annoying in ME2 is if you play femshep, you gotta get with a dude for the romance option (unless you want to romance Yeoman Kelly, which isn't a 'real' romance option).

In ME1 you could go for Liara.
What's annoying in ME2 is if you play femshep, you gotta get with a dude for the romance option (unless you want to romance Yeoman Kelly, which isn't a 'real' romance option).

In ME1 you could go for Liara.

You can go with Liara in ME2 if you get the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC :)
I played through Mass Effect the whole way. Good game. Mass Effect 2 got kinda boring. It seemed like it was just the guy from Apocalypse Now telling me "Shepard, while I investigate that why don't you go recruit more members mmkay? K thx bye". Stopped playing after I rescued Tila, or Tayla, or whatever that chick with the funny legs name was.
ME1 is kind of clunky... but the main environment is VERY similar to Babylon 5, for a game (and the Shadows are coming. I mean Reapers). It's not as training-wheels as 2. I liked finding hives of scum and villainy, then ventilating them, of course. They trimmed much of that for 2. Put in these three repeating mercenary gangs and used them for about 60% of the game before stopping cold. No ammo clips, more than a handful of weapon upgrades, more tough choices, Prothean mysteries, etc. Just exploring planets you find Prothean obelisks.

ME1, you could just wait for weapons with a Russian or Japanese name, basically. And get gooood armor, especially for Garrus and Wrex. In ME2 there's the stupid mining and dearth of options for gear. Wow, 5% health. That'll help us stop a galactic threat.

They did add some aesthetic customization for the reduced item pool. Kind of a tease in the end, something sick like the Death Mask has no combat effect, one outfit change for loyalists but compare that to ME1 armor options.

Anyway, both good games, you can be a force for good and help avenge deaths/protect the weak, or be a Renegade heel to the extreme but with funny moments, and they have humor here and there like Blasto the Hannar (jellyfish) Spectre.

Possible spoilers: Bad Lt., I mean Commander: Port of Call the Citadel (jerk Shepard) 1 2

edit: Oh I forgot, Mordin is quite funny in ME2. They got better with SOME parts of the game.
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I say play Mass Effect for the story, but be aware it is not as good of a GAME as a lot of people say. Story is really good, but a lot of the game play is clunky, and item management is a huge time sink/pain in the ass. Once you get to ME2 though all these kinks have been ironed out and you get one of the finest game experiences of the years, hands down. One of the best experiences I've had in gaming ever to be honest.

See i'm the opposite, i'll take ME1 over ME2 any day. ME2 is too disconnected,

I strarted playing ME2 directly after ME1 and ME2 just doesn't hat that same "charm" that the first had, especially in the animation department nor the presentation departement.

They did a much better job in ME1 immersiing you into the world. ME2 feels more like an arcade shooter with a bit of dialog. (the "end mission" splash screens i think it was the final straw for ME2)
Both Mass Effects, like every single other Bioware RPG I've ever played, are incredibly plot rich.

There are many who want instant gratification by jumping into action sequences and killing shit. While both Mass Effects are very compotent combat wise, the real incentive is the plot. If you are the kind of person who likes to skip through dialogue sequences and cutscreens to get back to questing, then it may not be the game for you. However, if you enjoyed Dragon Age for its rich storyline, dialogue, and character development, then you should be right at home with the Mass Effect series.

I literally spend hours, upon hours, lapping up every last bit of dialogue and lore that I possibly can. Bioware employs some incredible talented writers. Every strand of dialogue and plot is thoughtfully placed and relavent in respects to the bigger picture. They are like playing through an amazing work of literature, far deeper than movies could dream to accomplish. Even better, they progressively change according to your choices. You can actually "Role Play" in these games. The character is you, and has your personality and your values.

Even better, after you finish the first, and begin the second with your previous save file, you'll embark on the first game in a while that makes literal use of the word "series." Plot wise, Mass effect 2, is the exact and literal continuation of the first game. Every single choice you make in the first game, will profoundly affect how the second one progresses. The most minor, miniscule decision in the first will trigger some sort of action in the second.

So, if you are a Sci Fi fan, and honestly enjoy RPGs specifically for their detailed plots, The Mass Effect series is amazing.

Oh how I love Bioware :rolleyes:
One of the best games I have ever played. Honestly it was the first game in ages that I was actually rushing home after work to play.
Decent story, boring gameplay, suffers from consolitis.

First one there are a ton of worlds to "explore" but the exploring is quite boring after the first couple. I would not call it a RPG mostly because char choices have very little impact on the overall game, I could lvl up the main char randomly and still beat it.