Issues joining a Windows 7 machine to a domain.


Dec 27, 2009
I've been racking my brain on this one for a while and really need some help. One of the guys in my office just got a new laptop which we put 64bit windows 7 pro on. Everything has been going smoothly up until we went to join it to the domain. We select the domain option, type in our domain name, login with an administrator account, and get the usual Welcome to the "" domain message. After that message comes up the hourwheel keeps spinning and we get a second message stating "Changing the Primary Domain DNS name of this computer to "" failed. The name will remain "computername""

I have tried everything I can think of. Manually setting the primary DNS suffix, manually adding the DNS suffix to the NIC setup, changing the PC name. None of these fixed the issue.

Has anyone seen this or have any suggestions?
Feb 19, 2004
does the computer account show up in AD for this new computer? Are you creating the computer account first and then joining the Win7 machine to the domain or letting AD do it on its own? Is the computer getting the correct DNS settings from DHCP?


Fully [H]
Feb 19, 2008
If the computer name already exist in computer objects you need to delete it. But as it was already pointed out, rename the computer and reboot, then attempt to join.

Also try setting the primary DNS server as your DC in the static IP settings.